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Stand Up Paddleboards


We have been manufacturing surfboards since 1969 which gives us the ability to have perfected the Stand-Up Paddle Board. We shape them from top quality materials and offer them at affordable and competitive pricing.


Canyon Surfboards & Creative Designs Stand-Up Paddle Boards Include:
-Gortex vent on deck
-Fins: 1 fiberglass cut-away center fin, 2 side bites.
-Epoxy construction

A Little About Our Stand-Up Paddle Boards:

8'2'' 8'2'' X 32'' X 4 3/4''
This board was designed for the avid surfer who is looking for a Paddle Board that they can easily get some surf in with it as well. The design of this Paddle Board is like a big short board. We made it short but kept it wide for it to maintain stability. We recommend this paddle board for your seasoned surfer whose looking to surf the waves as well as paddle.

10'2'' 10'2'' X 32'' X 4 3/4''

This board was designed to accommodate intermediate to experienced paddlers. The 32'' width and 4 3/4'' thickness makes this board very stable so paddlers don't have to have the fear of tipping over. 

10'6'' 10'6'' X 32'' X 4 3/4''
This boards nose is a bit more rounded than the 10'2''. This gives the board even more stability which makes it a great gliding board. People start to make there way into riding the waves with this board. This is the all around perfect board for everyone. The smaller length makes it easier to transport than the larger boards. 

11'0'' 11'0'' X 32'' X 4 3/4''
This board is designed for most novice paddlers. With this 11'0'' length it will be easy for almost anyone to begin paddling! Even if your not a beginner and you just want a board thats great for gliding and paddling around; this is the board for you! We even see some people taking it in some small surf. With its large size it makes it easier for you to catch a wave!

**We have great carbon fiber, adjustable paddles! **