We are a locally owned business for over 47 years by a local family!

We are the largest & oldest Surf Shop in New York City! We are the number one go-to spot for all your surfing needs!


A Brief History About Us

Tom Sena, the owner of the Rockaway Beach Surf Shop started hand making surfboards in his garage since 1969, when Tom was only 16 years old, he then began selling those surfboards out of his garage. Living in Rockaway Beach all of his life he has been in the local surf scene since he was about 12 years old. He is pretty well known to all of the Rockaway Beach residents having lived here his whole life. By 1972 Tom had opened up his own retail store.

Tom Sena has been manufacturing surfboards that are hand shaped from top quality materials for more than 40 years. His boards are found globally throughout surf shops, including the East Coast of the US. We are proud to offer you top quality surfboards at affordable prices. Our surfboard models range from novice all the way to high performance. 

We take pride in our customers feeling satisfied with their purchases after leaving our store. We feel this one of the many reasons why we have sucessfully been in business for over 47 years. We value and thank all of our customers over the years!